FAQ - Switch Design Academy & Studio
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Student Visa?

Upon completion of enrollment, Switch Design Academy will mail each student all necessary documents for obtaining a student visa. Visa approval times vary depending on the home country of the student. Please visit the Italian Embassy website in your country to verify minimum application and wait times for student visa issuance. In some cases, students must complete the student visa application up to 4 months in advance.


Students may find accommodation in Florence using various methods. Switch assists students in securing accommodation by recommending housing agencies once the enrollment process is complete. We can also provide alternative methods of finding accommodation by providing links to Facebook pages and student forums where students can receive up-to-date housing information.

What is the value of the diploma I will receive?

Switch was created to satisfy the needs of the design industry: well-educated designers with real-world experience. Our curriculum combines design instruction with immediate practical application so that our students graduate with both a cumulative knowledge of design as well as an already developed portfolio of real projects.

Switch students are awarded diplomas according to their level of completion:

– Upon completing the First Year, students receive a one year GD diploma and Switch Junior Designer title;

– Upon completing the Second Year, students receive a two year GD diploma and Switch Senior Designer title;

– Upon completing the Third Year, students receive a three year GD diploma and Switch Junior Art Director title;

(In contrary to old style schools, Switch is an independent vocational training academy that focuses on developing student’s real-world experience and on building a highly concurrent portfolio; the two most important assets in graphic design world. We are not a traditional university and we do not offer a classical bachelor degree.)

Along with the diploma, students also get the following:
– Transcript for courses and projects accomplished;
– Personal recommendation letter from the Creative Director;
– Internship certificate for Switch Studio hours achieved and the clients the student cooperated with;
– Professional portfolio acquired.